Anti-Bullying Award

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At Cottage Grove Primary School, PSHE acts as an integral part of the children’s lives and supports them to become successful, independent and resourceful learners. It takes place within foundation sessions but also throughout the whole school day. We regularly deal with relationships within school and also work with members of our community to try address local issues, creating a safe environment in and outside of school.

The overarching aim for PSHE education is to provide pupils with:

    • Accurate and relevant knowledge
    • opportunities to turn that knowledge into personal understanding
    • opportunities to explore, clarify and if necessary challenge, their own and others’ values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities
    • the skills and strategies they need in order to live healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced lives.

Topics and Focus

As a school, we follow the PSHE Portsmouth Programme of Study which is relevant to the local area and dilemmas that the children may face. This programme of study allows our children to learn intrapersonal, interpersonal and enquiry life skills that they will use throughout the rest of their lives. The key objectives from the programme of study have been split six themes.

These are:

    • Me and my healthy lifestyle
    • Me and keeping safe
    • Me and my identity
    • Me and my relationships
    • Me and my community
    • Me and my responsibilities

In addition to this we spend themed weeks looking at global issues such as anti-bullying and e-safety. We are particularly proud that we have recently been awarded the Gold Status by the Anti-Bullying Alliance for our work on combatting bullying as a whole school. We were also given an award for our diversity in education at the first Portsmouth Anti-Bullying Conference held by Rock Clothing.

At Cottage Grove, we believe that children need a curriculum designed to meet thier needs so that they are gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, their community and the wider world.

Our children have made positive comments about the change in PSHE. When learning about ‘Me and keeping safe’, one child commented “This is a really good activity because I can use the layout of my house and think about how to escape if there was a fire. I’m not just learning about what I should do if there was a fire.”

The learning that takes place changes each year based on our children’s needs and events that take place locally, nationally and globally.