Our School

At Cottage Grove, we very much believe in being part of our local community. We have been involved in a number of projects, such as the paintings around Horatio and Leamington House.

We are also currently involved in the prject that aims to reinvigorate the alleyway along Belmont Path. This has included the children taking photohraphs of local buisiness people as well as interviewing ex-pupils of Cottage Grove.

What to the children say about Cottage Grove?

Everyone in the school is kind. When I am struggling the teachers let me have a “check-in” and I can tell them that I need some help. They’re always helpful and I can always talk to them when I need to. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed, I can go and work somewhere else until I want to come back to the classroom. Cottage Grove is a very nice place to be and I love going to school.

What do the parents say about Cottage Grove?

When I first looked around the school, it stood out to me because of how inclusive it felt. Rather than being expected to fit in with the School, my daughter (who has ASD) has been positively encouraged at every point to be herself. She’s now in KS2, but from the very first day in Reception, I have been amazed at how the staff have supported her needs and allowed her to flourish. The communication is always very strong - I have regular contacts with the class teachers, but also the SENCO and pastoral team so that there is all round support for both XXX and the family.

I really couldn't fault the school the support that my children and myself receive from school has been superb I really can't thank them enough. Communication is great. The Additional needs of my children have been identified and supported and I feel that this intern will lead to an even more positive learning experience moving forward.

From Mrs Hussey, Mrs Yeomans and support team in Reception to Year one with Miss Clements Mrs Mahoney, Mrs Stratton, Mrs Bonsar and year one support team Mrs Belton, Mrs Blanchett and Miss Aquilina I feel everyone is pulling together to ensure the best for my children. Also a Fab Nursery Team!

My daughter fell behind with her maths learning during the pandemic. XXX was chosen to have extra tutoring for maths in an after school club. Since then, I have seen great improvement in her maths work.

It's lovely school for kids

Cottage Grove Staff is doing a commendable job. Love how diverse the students are and the teachers giving respect to every religion and background.

I like the behaviour of the staff towards children who need the extra support and help

The principles that run through everything that we say and do.

Imaginative teaching that lights up subjects and inspires.

Committed, fun and ready to help our pupils to achieve.

How we learn online and at home.