Inclusion and Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Jade Graham


We aim to work with parents and carers to ensure that we do our very best to meet all children's needs, especially those with special educational needs so that they can thrive in the classroom.

If you have any queries and / or questions about the provision for your child, the first point of contact should always be the class teacher, however if you would like further support then our SENCO would be more than willing to help.

Below you will see a few of the ways in which we support our children with SEND. If you are a prospective parent and would like to see first hand what we do, please arrange a visit to the school via the admin office -

Further information can be found in these documents;

Portsmouth Local Offer

Cottage Grove SEND Information Report


To meet the needs of a number of children, we have created supportive provision that targets specific support that is over and above what would be offered in the classroom.

Our Nurture style provisions (The Jungle and The Woods) aim to meet the additional needs of children with SEMH requirements as well as those who have communication and language barriers. These proactive approaches support children to integrate into their classroom while having a safe space when this environment becomes too challenging for them.

Our reactive provision (The Reef) supports children who need immediate support to regulate their behaviour and emotions. The aim is for them to return to their learning as soon as possible.

The Woods

The Reef

The Jungle

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities


We believe that a clear set of expectations are key for good behaviour. Our set of Actions and Consequences outlines what reqards and sanctions are in place across the school.

We also accept that children need to be treated as individuals, and always seek to meet their needs alongside this approach.

From time to time, children may display challenging behavour.

We recognise that all behaviour is a form of communication and that children may need additional support the regulate themselves. We use the 4Rs in conjunction with the Restorative approach to support children with their behavioural needs.

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Ronnie is our wellbeing dog and belongs to Miss Light, one of the deputies. He has a number of roles in school and only wants payment in dog biscuits!

He runs is own attendance group for those children who may be relucant to come in to school and can be used by classes as a reward for good behaviour and learning.

One of his favourite games is "Dog Ball" during which children get to play with Ronnie to support their mental health and wellbeing.

We do understand that some children may not want to be around Ronnie for a number of reasons, and are respectful of those who choose to do this.

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