At Cottage Grove we strongly believe the curriculum should provide pupils with the knowledge and skills they will need in order to live successful lives. We want children to leave Cottage Grove with: a love of learning; essential knowledge and skills and aspirational goals for their future.

In my role as Lead Practitioner, I support the senior leadership team in monitoring teaching and learning across the school; particularly focusing on the delivery of the foundation subjects and overall structure of the curriculum. I lead and manage a team of subject leaders and together we ensure there is clear progression and coverage of the National Curriculum objectives throughout the school; as well as enriching our curriculum with theme days, trips and visitors.

It is essential that children receive a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their time at school and, to ensure we provide this, our curriculum is structured around topics that are engaging and relevant to the children. Where possible, learning in all subjects is linked to the class topic. Each year we review the curriculum map as a staff team to ensure it is working well for both staff and pupils and, as a result, it is continually growing and developing to ensure we meet the needs of all learners.

Mrs R De La Rue

Curriculum Lead Practitioner

"Our curriculum is topic lead and follows the governments national curriculum"

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