Senior Leadership Team


Mr L Branscombe

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs V Tilley

Deputy Headteacher

Miss C Light

Senior Management Team

Lead Practitioner 

(Year 5 and 6)

Mrs R De La Rue

Lead Practitioner


Mrs A Richards

Phase Leader

(Early Years)

Mrs K Wharton

Phase Leader

(Key Stage One)

Mrs J Akintunde

Phase Leader

(Lower Key Stage Two)

Mr M Watts


Miss J Graham


Early Years

Nursery (Support Staff)

Miss E Smith

Mrs S Wilson

Miss D Saunders

Miss K Turner

Ms M Ahmed

Mrs L Farcas-Dan


Ladybirds - Mrs A Stratton & Miss K Simpson

Gruffalos - Mrs K Wharton & Mrs J Yeomans

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Woodpeckers (1W) - Miss H Wild

Nightingales (1N) - Miss Nineham

Year 2

Angelfish (2A) - Mrs J Akintunde

Clownfish (2C) - Miss V Clements

Key Stage 2

Year 3

3L - Miss T Leah

3B - Miss S Burrowes

Year 5

5F - Mrs L Fletcher

5G - Mrs L Garner

Year 4

4G - Miss C Gooch

4W - Mr M Watts

4C - Miss K Crocker

Year 6

6C - Miss R Cooper & Mrs R De La Rue

6K - Mrs A Khanum & Mrs A Richards

Cover Supervisors

Miss G Davies

Mrs K Weaver

Mrs D Hayter

Mrs J Street

Pastoral Support Team

Pastoral Lead

Miss K Davies

Learning Mentors

Miss S Almy

Mrs Z Woods

Miss A Withers

Family Support

Mrs S Belton

Behaviour / Nurture Support

Miss M Aquilina

Mrs C Allen

Support Assistants

Learning Support Assistants


Mrs J Burgess

Mrs N FadlElseed

Mrs M Ray-Moneypenny

Year 3

Mrs J Miah

Mrs P Bremmer

Mrs N Mihailiuc

Year 1

Mrs K Morley

Mrs L Mowle

Mrs L Bartram

Year 4

Mrs S Lynch-Garbett

Mrs K Kolodziej

Mrs F Ahmed

Year 6

Mr S Sharman

Miss C Preston

Mrs C Polley

Year 2

Mrs V Mahoney

Miss V Scoins

Miss V Ramanauskaite

Year 5

Mrs K Long-Duxbury

Mrs T Smith

Office Team

Business and Finance

Business and IT Manager

Mr O Hext

Finance Manager

Miss B Hughes

Office Staff

Office Manager

Mrs K Price

Admin & Finance Assistant

Miss S Knight

Admin Assistant

Site Team

Facilities Manager

Mr P Rudkin

Caretaker's Assistant

Miss D Dunn


Mrs M Murray

Mrs C Khanom

Mrs T Wilson

Lunchtime Staff

Miss V Mahoney

Mrs Z England

Mrs J Miah

Mrs D Kemp

Miss K England

Mrs G Qadir

Mrs S Houlsby 

Mrs M Akhtar

Mrs K Long-Duxbury

Mrs N Eltayeb

Miss S Spreadbury

Wellbeing Dog


Breakfast Club

Mrs Z Porter

Mrs L Mowle