Outdoor Learning

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Taking Learning outside of the classroom enables pupils to apply what they have learnt inside the classroom in a real world context and equips them with skills, such as: communication skills, team working, problem solving and risk management. Outdoor Learning has also been shown to have a positive effect on children’s health and mental well-being.

Activities take place within the school grounds or on the playground. The school grounds are being constantly developed to help deliver Outdoor Learning and increase the amount of wildlife for the children to study. Children are introduced to nature (plants and animals) as well as the use of natural materials (sticks, stones, pebbles, leaves and clay) in the course of their work. These activities are linked to topic work or the curriculum and help to deliver literacy, numeracy, science, history, art and P.E (orienteering activities).

The children really enjoy their time outside experiencing activities like fire building and lighting, making dens and bushcraft survival skills.


Wildlife Habitats

Wicker Dome

Planting Areas