Computing (ICT) is taught right across the school using a wide range of equipment and software including iPads, Windows computers and chrome books. Pupils are confident with the use of technology and can use software independently. Children learn about ways to use the internet safely and effectively. Year 5 and year 6 children use stop motion software to create animations. Children in years 3-5 begin to use Scratch competently and independently to demonstrate a knowledge of coding. All children use touch screen and keyboards to input text and create images. They take photographs and video. Year 3 children learn about blogs and contribute to a class one. Year 6 children independently use spreadsheets to create graphs showing data from their own science and geography investigations.

Year groups also plan the use of ICT into other subjects. For example, there is a greater use of the iPads in years 5/6 and more use of dedicated apps, in MFL both chrome books and iPads have been used to enhance the curriculum across KS2.