Design Technology


Design and Technology (DT) is taught right across the school by a mixture of class teachers, cover supervisors and a specialist teacher. We have an excellent range of resources, which allows children to design and make a wide variety of items using wood, plastic, fabric and food.

During Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, children cook a wide variety of mainly savoury items. They work independently and safely to do this. We focus on good value recipes and ingredients to prepare our pupils for later life. Pupils learn all the major cooking methods including: baking, boiling, frying and simmering. They use a variety of ingredients to make appetising products that they can share at home. Recipes are always provided so that the session can be repeated at home.

Sometimes we work on projects which involve people from outside school; like the primary engineer project in year 4 where pupils design and make a vehicle.

Subject Breakdown

Pupils receive a wide-ranging skills based curriculum, which matches with the National Curriculum and year group topics. Pupil feedback is positive and pupils feel empowered in the subject. Pupils work exceptionally hard in this subject, designing and making a variety of high quality products. Pupils work in pairs, small groups and as individuals. They are encouraged to personalise their projects and to investigate further, where they are interested. More confident pupils are able to work in more depth, considering more complex aspects or more difficult skills in each project.