Creative Arts


At Cottage Grove, Creative arts is taught through art, music and drama and is used to promote creativity and build on self-esteem. In art, the children are given the opportunity to explore with different media including paints, pastels, chalk and clay. Research on artists and architects helps to deepen their understanding and allows children to compare and contrast techniques and styles. We encourage parents and carers to support and celebrate the children’s work and organise events throughout the year including ‘We are Artists’ day.


Music has become an integral part of our lives at Cottage Grove and is weaved throughout the academic year in many ways. The children participate in singing assemblies, access their learning of instruments through specialist music teachers as well as their own classroom teacher and are lucky enough to attend trips and workshops centred around enjoyment and learning. We also work annually with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and take part in a concert at the Guildhall, which really does show our children at their very best!