School Dinner System

Please note important changes:

From September 2019, there will be a new supplier for our school dinners. Therefore, there will be significant changes to our school dinner payment process.

Please read this page thoroughly to ensure that you fully understand these changes for children in key stage 2. As all children in reception and key stage 1 are entitled to free school meals no payment is needed for their dinners.


From now on Key stage 2 children can only order a school dinner if we have received payment in advance.

To do this please go to the school office and make a cash payment to put credit on your child’s account.

Dinners can only be ordered on accounts that are in credit.

Please note, if your child is eligible for free school meals this new process will not affect you. If you think your child should be in receipt of free school meals please contact the school office for further details.


As of September 2019, the price of school meals will be as follows:

  • £2.10 per meal - which is a slight rise of 5p per meal.

As such, a weeks worth of dinners for one child will cost £10.50.